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    LFYH Donation Information


    Thank you so much for your continued support of our hockey kids! 
    For those wondering how to donate, you can use Venmo to @LittleFalls-YouthHockey or send to LFYH, PO Box 91, Little Falls, Mn 56345

    Message from District 15 Director, Denny Bushy


    We had our Mn. Hockey meetings this past weekend so here is the latest information we need to follow.

    1. Entrance to arenas, policy is 10 minutes before game or practice and leave building 10 minutes after.

    1. Come dressed except for skates, helmets, and gloves. Goalies can be half dressed.

    2. Locker rooms can be used but please use social distancing.

    3. Two spectators are allowed per player. If grandpa and grandma want to come, check with spectators’ requests per player and use unused spectator requests to allow others to watch.

    4. Masks are required for all practices and games. Doctors letters are required for players not wearing masks.

    5. Policing mask wearing and spectator’s attendance is up to each association. The referees are not policing this. Coaches must control the players mask coverage.

    In closing, Michigan has now gone on another pause with the possibility of ending the season. We do not want this to happen. We have many eyes out there, please please if you have a complaint come to me before going to the Minnesota Health Dept, or CDC. If I cannot handle it, I will forward it to the proper people, or fix it myself.

    Many of these rules do not make sense, but for us to continue playing we must follow them.

    We are trying so hard to finish this season, let us work together and get through this.

    Thanks to all the schedulers who have went through pure hell with all the changes.

    Stay safe, Denny

    LFYH Game Check In Protocol


    • Workers and coaches can enter 15 minutes early to get set up for the game. Please take their temps as they enter.
    • Players and parents are allowed to enter 10 minutes early. Players must be dressed and only carry a small bag for helmet, gloves and skates. Goalies are the exception, they can be allowed in at the 15 min mark and can have their hockey bag with them. 
    • EVERYONE must wear a mask
    • If no ‘movie’ tickets are at the table, please grab a roll from the youth hockey office, and give 2 per player to the incoming team’s manager. 
    • Two spectators per player, plus young siblings, are allowed to attend the game.
    • Per Superintendent Jones, we need to take the temperatures of all players, coaches and game workers    for each game. 
    • Attendance does not need to be taken on the computer, that will be recorded on the game sheet. 
    • At the 10 minute mark, please have players enter the building, take their temps and send them to their          locker rooms. 
    • After players and coaches have entered, please allow the spectators in. Please ask to see tickets from LF and opposing team spectators. You do not need to collect the tickets, just see them each time they enter. 
    • Please stay in the lobby throughout the entire game to prevent people from entering who do not have tickets. 

    Phase 5 Return to Play Rules and Guidelines

    Minnesota Hockey has announced its guidance for Phase 5, which will go into effect on Thursday, January 14 when games may resume. Key highlights of Phase 5 include:

    • Masks must be work by everyone while they are in the arena, this includes players, coaches and officials while they are on the ice, as well as spectators who are in the stands.

    • One spectator is allowed at practices but are discouraged at Squirt level and above and should still be limited as much as possible. 

    • A maximum of two spectators per player will be allowed for games, with exceptions for parents or guardians who must bring in young siblings.

      • LFYH players will have two laminated tickets for spectator admittance for home games (young siblings do not require a ticket)

      • Visiting teams should have a team representative check in 10-15 minutes ahead of time to obtain two tickets per rostered player for their team.

    • Three coaches will be allowed on the bench during games

    • No resurfacing of the ice during games (between periods).

    • Players may enter the arena 10 minutes before game time and should arrive dressed. Players may put on skates and helmets inside and may bring in a small bag to help them carry their personal belongings. Goalies are the exception and may be admitted 15 minutes early and arrive ½ dressed. Please enter through parking lot doors and proceed through the screening process.

    • Players and spectators must exit the facility immediately following their event and within 10 minutes. Please exit using the side doors located near the vending machines.

    The complete Phase 5 Return to Play Rules & Guidelines document is available here. The latest youth sports guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health is available here.

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    LFYH Schedule Intentions

    It is the intention of the LFYH to have the practice schedule posted at least a month ahead of time! 

    Below is the intention for practices and games for LFYH teams. There are weeks these plans do not work out. Some weeks you may have more or less practices to try and balance the schedule out. 

    Ice Mites:  Ice Mites should expect 1 practice during the week and 1 practice on the weekends. The ice mites will attend 3 or 4 jamborees at the end of the season.

    Mites: Mites should expect 1 practice during the week and 1 practice on the weekends. Mites are not allowed any full ice games BEFORE 12/31. Mites are allowed 10 full ice games after 12/31. The mites will attend 4 or 5 jamborees at the end of the season. Mites may have up to 15 games scheduled throughout the season. 

    Squirts: Squirts should expect 2 practices during the week and 2-3 games on the weekend. Squirts will play 25 - 30 games throughout the season.

    PeeWees:  PeeWees should expect 3 practices during the week and 2-3 games on the weekend. PeeWees will play 30 - 35 games throughout the season.

    Bantams:  Bantams should expect 3-4 practices during the week and 2-3 games on the weekend. Bantams will play 35 - 40 games throughout the season.

    Please remember, these are all the intentions of the scheduler. Results are affected by number of high school and juniors home games, home tournaments, and number of district teams at the peewee and bantam level. 

    The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey.  USA Hockey SafeSport is the organization's program related to off-ice safety.

    USA Hockey has long had systems in place to protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of abuse and misconduct that can be harmful to youth hockey players and other participants.  These include without limitation Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Screening, Locker Room Supervision and Hazing Policies, in addition to Codes of Conduct applicable to administrators, coaches, officials, parents, players and spectators.  The USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook is intended to update and collect USA Hockey’s various policies to protect its participants from all types of misconduct and abuse.