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Summer 2024 10K Puck Challenge

June 12th - September 29th

Here you will find everything you need to know regarding participating in the 2024 Summer 10K Puck Challenge! 


Who: Any returning LFYH player from last season!

What: 10K Puck Challenge

Where: Wherever you have room to stick handle and shoot!  In addition to the work you will do on your own, LFYH is providing 6 in-person training sessions (you can find them on the calendar). For any in-person session you attend, you can log 250 shots for that day. (A great way to earn 1500 shots and get feedback on how you are doing!)

When: Over the summer from June 12th until September 29th

Why:  To earn an exclusive LFYH 10K Challenge Hoodie and a chance to earn $100 toward a new stick!  (Oh, and to keep improving critical hockey skills in the off-season! )


 Every stick-handling rep counts as 1/2 a puck

Every puck shot counts as one towards the challenge.  

The goal is to strike a balance between stick handling and shots. Therefore, 1/2 of your goal needs to be puck shooting and 1/2 stick-handling.

You will log your shots (in increments of 50) each day using the link found on this page.

Below are the goals for each level. 

Ice Mite - 2,500

Mite - 5,000

Squirt - 10,000

Peewee/12u - 10,000

Bantam/15u - 10,000

Click Here to Log Your Shots Each Day!

Each day you will use the link above to log the shots you have earned for the day. You will be asked to provide your name, the date and then select the number of shots completed.

Check out the training videos below for direction on how to perform the different stick handling techniques and shots that count toward the 10K challenge!

Stick Handling Training Videos

Click here for our Summer 2024 stick handling training videos!

Shooting Training Videos

Click here for our Summer 2024 shooting training videos!

As of 9:00pm on 6.12.24