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LFYH Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Guidelines for Spectators at Little Falls Exchange Arena


  1. Anyone entering the Exchange Arena will go through a screening process at the door, which includes having their temperature taken and Covid-19 questions asked.

  2. FACE COVERINGS are required at all times! Anyone not wearing their masks will be asked to leave the arena immediately. 

  3. Skaters will be allowed to enter the arena NO MORE THAN 15 minutes before game time, Goalies will be allowed to enter 20 minutes early. 

  4. 2 SPECTATORS PER PLAYER ONLY will be allowed to watch games. Spectators may enter the arena 5 minutes before game time and need to practice social distancing. All spectators must leave the arena, through the doors by the pop machines, immediately after the game concludes. 

  5. Players will need to exit their locker room within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the game. 

  6. A representative from the visiting team will be required to work the penalty box for the visiting team. 


Covid-19 Policy at a Glance


Below is a highlight of the LFYH Covid-19 Regulations and is not inclusive of our full policy. Please read the full document linked at the right for more information or additional clarification.


-Everyone entering the facility must wear a face covering and practice social distancing. Players will wear a face mask up until they put on their helmet. Coaches to wear masks at all times, including on ice and on the bench. 

-Skaters will meet at the arena, and enter the facility as a team with their coaches, no more than 15 minutes ahead of scheduled event time. Entrance to the arena will be through the parking lot doors ONLY.

-Everyone entering the facility will be asked screening and exposure questions, have their temperature taken, and attendance marked on our online form for tracking purposes. This includes spectators.

-Players who are not able to get dressed within 15 minutes should come partially or fully dressed. Players will not be allowed in the locker room for more than 15 minutes.

-Please bring labeled, filled water bottles. Drinking fountains will not be available, only the bottle filler will be accessible.

-ONE spectator in the arena for practices.

-Limit of two spectators per player for games. Siblings are counted toward the two spectator limit and if they are in attendance must stay with parent for the duration of their visit.

-Players and spectators must leave the facility immediately following their practice or game using the side doors by the vending machines. Loitering will not be permitted.


LFYH Covid-19 Plan

LFYH COVID-19 Contacts

Jess Thoma

Phone: 320-309-7786

Carmen Johnson

Phone: 320-630-3954

Health Self Screening Checklist